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The 2018 year that is gone. We become nostalgic of the year goes by. We try to remember the good that it has brought us and we try to learn the lessons from the bad we have faced. Here you will know Top 10 Business in Nigeria 2019 as per their growth, profit, revenue in 2018. Every year is a mixed bag. The earth’s round trip around the sun every year brings with a year full of promise and hope, and 2018 was no exception.

Let’s talk about Omnibiz one of the top trending & most profitable business in Nigeria in the year 2019. Personally, for Omnibiz the year was wonderful (if we have to summaries). Thousands of professionals believed in us and joined our platform. They were rewarded as well for taking a chance on us by the many customers who joined us. We completed a year of pledges and promises and delivered on those promises. Invested in marketing our professionals and grew in number as a team, adding employees as part of our family. Ended 2018 with a plan for 2019 to do better, to become bigger.

Today, we share the top 10 best businesses in Nigeria 2019 who did the best in terms of growth on our platform in the last year 2018.*

(*This list is in no particular order)

1. Travelpaddy.com

This online travel management portal is all set to redefine the online travel booking space.  Travelpaddy is licensed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as well as a registered member of the National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies (NANTA). A descriptive profile and customer service are what makes them add their name to the list of top 10 businesses on Omnibiz. Travelpaddy being a trending & lucrative business in nigeria, takes care of your visa, travel, accommodation for domestic and international sectors across a wide array of sectors. As a happy customer Hope Chioma tells us why they are currently doing so well, “Excellent customer service and very good pricing. One of the cheapest in the market.”

2. Primera Credit MFB Ltd.

Loans are a tricky business. We need them and rely on them, but find it hard to trust the money lenders. Primera Credit MFB Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Primera Africa Finance group, known for its wide range of financial services. Primera Credit is a CBN licensed microfinance bank providing fast and flexible personalized loans with the most professional, efficient and transparent execution. One of the verified professionals on Omnibiz (where their personal and business identities have been verified by the team), Primera provides asset loans, business loans, housing loans, salary earner loan and other financial services. All these services makes it second in the list of best businesses in nigeria 2019.

3. GoldTech ICT Hub Ltd

Third most lucrative business in nigeria in is a computer school that is dedicated to providing quality computer training and education and hone the skills to make skilled professionals out of students. GoldTech computer school offers a host of courses at an extremely affordable price. Apart from the textbook and computer learning, the teachers at GoldTech ICT Hub go the extra mile to help students apply the knowledge to practical scenarios, giving them the ability to think resourcefully.

4. Reachgold Travels And Tours

Yet another travel portal makes it to this prestigious list! Reachgold Travels And Tours was founded 5 years ago, providing Traveling service for international and domestic travel now it has become a trending business in Nigeria. Proficient experts are assigned to potential travelers/customers to give them the one on one feel and provide them with a customized travel plan. Whether it is for business or leisure, Reachgold travels have been one of the top choices of customers on our platform.

5. Mp Engineering Facility Management Services

One of the most visited profiles on Vconnect in Nigeria, MP engineering facility management services provide highly trained and experienced air conditioning technicians who have expertise with all kinds of air conditioning units. They are dedicated to providing fast and reliable repairs and are one of the few experts who has scheduled preventive maintenance at regular intervals. This extends the life of your equipment, prevents premature system failure and ensures that your equipment is operating at maximum efficiency which will lower your energy costs.

6. Glo Jo Beauty spa

One of the most thriving business in Nigeria, Having two branches, this beauty and spa haven caters to the rich and the famous. Glo Jo Beaty Spa exemplifies customized and special beauty treatments that not just works wonders for your skin but also distressed you. One of the top 10 profitable small businesses in the year 2019, this business has earned its place.

7. Tormek Global Travels And Tours Limited

Perhaps people in Africa just absolutely love to travel and it is not a bad habit at all! Yet another travel company makes it to the list of top 10 companies of 2019 registered on Omnibiz. Tormek Global Travels and Tours Ltd. take care of all your travel needs, from your flight reservation to even choosing and booking the best hotel accommodation. A member of NANTA, they are verified by Omnibiz as their profile reflects.

8. Sean Electromec & Co Ltd. (SECL)

SECL engages in electrical works such as wiring, installation, and maintenance. They are also professionals in extra low voltage works such as Fire Alarm System, CCTV Camera, Power TV (DSTV) Installation, Access Control System and Networking. They also have professionals in the field of Solar Energy, wind energy and Power Backup (Inverter, battery & UPS) System. We sell, distribute and install. A one-stop shop for many electrical and plumbing needs, SECL makes it to the list for its array of services and amazing growth in one year.

9. Best Services Raya Dist Nigeria Limited

Located in Ikeja and Lagos, Best Services Raya Dist Nigeria Ltd. also has a high number of profile visits and great conversion rate.  Primarily into Electronics, Manufacturing, Mobile Phone and offering Mobile Phones, they are the authorized retailer & service center from Nokia , Samsung, Huawei, and many leading mobile brands.

10. Ginani Fashion Academy

Last but certainly not the list, Ginani Fashion Academy is a fashion school par excellence. Dedicated to taking students beyond fashion and teach it as a form of art and science, their curriculum stays updated by following worldwide fashion trends. Ginani Fashion Academy has won several accolades and awards for its methods of teaching.

Hope the list of top 10 Business in Nigeria 2019 inspire you to start your own trending, profitable & lucrative business in nigeria.


This Top 10 profitable businesses in nigeria list no way undermines the thousands of other professionals on Omnibiz and we only hope it inspires them to work harder so that they can make this list next year. We are dedicated to each and every professional on our platform, bringing great service to the customers. This list helps you to create more business opportunities in nigeriaHere’s wishing all our professional a successful and prosperous 2019!






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